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As a venture philanthropy foundation, most of our energy goes to funding promising organizations and projects. However, we also initiate projects. At times, we generate ideas and partner with organizations. In special cases, we develop the idea ourselves.

Before It’s Too Late: The Search for Mass Graves of Jews Massacred by Nazis in the Ukraine
Aryeh Rubin of Targum Shlishi is spearheading an effort to raise awareness and funds for an extraordinary effort now underway by Father Patrick Desbois to locate and document the mass graves and preserve history.

Go to more information about the project, including a cover letter explaining it, a 10-minute film, FAQs, contribution information, and media coverage.

Grants Awarded for Dissertations on Jewish Studies Topics, 2007-08

A Race Against Death Initiative
In March 2007, Targum Shlishi sent copies of this important book to 1,500 individuals in an attempt to motivate people to address the monumental problems facing the Jewish world at this critical time, including the threat of a nuclear Iran.

Go to more information about the project, including our cover letter explaining it, quotes from the book, samples of ads protesting the Holocaust, and resources about the threat to Israel posed by a nuclear Iran.

The Jewish Relationship to the Environment: A Series of Podcasts
Three podcasts on Jewish law and the environment based on the book, Environment and Judaism: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives, by Nahum Rakover, Ph.D. and produced by the Jewish Legal Heritage Society, at the suggestion and with the support of Targum Shlishi.
Go to more information about the podcasts, including descriptions and downloadable files.

New Sages of Israel
Who are our heroes? Who inspires us, makes us think, gives us hope? Who is making a difference in the Jewish world today? New Sages of Israel is a book and multimedia project currently in development that will profile twenty-five individuals working in a range of fields, and all working in some way to improve our world.

Enhancing Jewish Education in the Baltic States
There are four Jewish day schools in the Baltic region, none of which have effective Jewish Studies programs. Targum Shlishi is working with the Lookstein Center at Bar Ilan University and partnering with Van Greenfield to improve the Jewish Studies programs at these schools by funding a training program that will address curricular materials and pedagogical skills.

Why the Baltics? In 1930 the region (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) was home to almost 200,000 Jews. Today, the Jewish population is approximately 23,500. Members of the small Jewish population remaining in this once-thriving region are in general not well educated Jewishly, but are eager to learn.