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In addition to the many education projects we support (see “Education Programs”), Targum Shlishi has three other areas of primary focus—Women’s Issues, Israel, and Justice for Nazi War Crimes. This section includes a close look at each of those categories, along with descriptions of projects funded.

However, we don’t restrict ourselves to those categories—our primary concern when funding projects is that we believe in their ability to effect positive change. To that end, we fund projects in keeping with our mission even when they don’t fit one of our primary areas of focus, as we discuss in the “And More” part of this section.

“Pending Projects” discusses projects we’ve committed to that are yet to be initiated and “Lessons Learned” discusses projects we supported that were unsuccessful, for a variety of reasons. Projects and organizations that Targum Shlishi has supported that are not discussed in detail on the website are listed under “Additional Recipients.”