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“Jewish Unity and Disunity, Then and Now” Lecture by Aryeh Rubin in Hebrew and English

The linked PDF (click here) is the Hebrew text of a lecture delivered in English by Aryeh Rubin at the Bar Ilan University conference, Who Abandoned the Jews—And Who Tried to Save Them? A Conference on Religious Zionists and Rescue from the Holocaust, held on May 30, 2010, the day before the flotilla fiasco.

The message of this lecture has resonated with scores of Israelis who have seen the English version of the text. As a result of the strong Israeli response, and requests for translation from several readers, the text has been translated into Hebrew by AllText. Special thanks to Avi Hacohen for his help in facilitating the translation process. The Hebrew text below is followed by the English text.

Please forward this lecture to any Hebrew speakers you think will be interested.

Mr. Rubin’s lecture, “Jewish Unity and Disunity, Then and Now,” focuses on current existential threats to Israel, specifically the multiple military threats and the global campaign of delegitimization. We, the Jewish people, despite our disunity, must collectively wake up, face the reality of our imperiled existence, and take action. We must learn from the example of the Holocaust, in which disunity and a failure on the part of American Jews to protest effectively enough on behalf of European Jewry had devastating consequences. If ever there was a time to transcend our differences, to address the weaknesses in our leadership, and to face and fight the threats bombarding us, it is now. The Israeli government is not equipped to fight delegitimization on its own. It is time to contract out to leading experts to create a massive publicity campaign based on cohesive, consistent messaging that will change hearts and minds, favorably influencing thought leaders globally about Israel, and turn back the rising tide of negative propaganda.

The text of the lecture is followed by Mr. Rubin’s bio. Text from the lecture may be reproduced in whole or in part only if taken in context, with proper credit given, and with a link to the pdf of the full text, to be posted on the Targum Shlishi website at Uwww.targumshlishi.orgU. Please note that there are some variations between the written text and the spoken lecture. Comments may be sent to

Click here to read the lecture (PDF)

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