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Just Doing it for the Mitzvah

August 12, 2010 – When the Le’Oro Nelech organization was founded in 1989 by the Yeshiva High School of Kiryat Arba in Hebron to promote volunteer activities among high school students, forty students were involved. Today, the organization works with more than 4,500 volunteers and 90 institutions around Israel, training and supporting students at all stages of the volunteer process. Thousands of hours of volunteer time are logged weekly in the service of those in need throughout the country.

With the help of support from Targum Shlishi, Le’Oro Nelech recently launched a bilingual website ( Among the organization’s goals in establishing the website are to expand the number of student volunteers by encouraging more schools to participate and to reach more target communities.

“Our website is already serving thousands of volunteers and potential volunteers throughout Israel. It will enable us to provide practical assistance, advice, and support online for current and future volunteers. In addition, the website is a wonderful showcase for our organization, for both the media and potential donors,” says Rabbi Avinoam Horowitz of Le’Oro Nelech.

Le’Oro Nelech emphasizes the benefits of student volunteering not only for those who are served, but for those who serve. The organization believes that volunteering is a tool by which students can develop and reinforce values and leadership qualities, build character, develop sensitivity to others, and generally feel empowered.

The immediate effects of the website’s launch included over 2,500 inquiries from youth groups, individuals, and families about the organization’s summer program, and dozens of new volunteers signing up through the website.

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