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Jofa’s Groundbreaking The Joy Of Text Podcast

For anyone not familiar with JOFA’s (Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance) Joy of Text podcast featuring in-depth, frank discussions about Judaism, sexuality, and their intersection, JOFA suggests the episode presented here as an excellent introduction to the monthly series. “The Sex-Ed/Trans Episode” ( begins with a wide-ranging discussion of ways to talk with kids about sex, then considers what it’s like being Jewish and transgender. Other episodes in the series, which launched in early 2015, have considered such topics as childbirth, hook-up culture, and infidelity. The podcast is co-hosted by Rabbi Dov Linzer and Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus and moderated by Maharat Ramie Smith.

The “The Sex-Ed/Trans Episode” opens with the question: “Why are we so afraid to teach kids about sex?” Dr. Marcus and Rabbi Linzer agree that part of the problem is that many parents are conflicted; unsure of what their message even is or what values they want to impart. Dr. Marcus advises that parents integrate the topic as “part and parcel of your life,” noting that “You never want to sit down and have ‘The Talk.’” Instead, she says, you want to have many talks over the course of your child’s development.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of JOFA.

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