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Targum Shlishi launches Website on the Work of Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg From Aryeh Rubin, Director, Targum Shlishi

March 13, 2013
Dear Friends and Colleagues:
I am pleased to announce that my foundation, Targum Shlishi, has launched the beta version of a website,, dedicated to the work of Rabbi Dr. Irving (Yitz) Greenberg. In my opinion, a website dedicated to the work and thought of one of the most important rabbis of our times is long overdue, which is why I undertook this project. I am contacting you today to request that you visit the website and provide feedback. You are one of a select group of rabbis, scholars, Jewish educators, and others who we are inviting to review the site. We view this as an evolving website and will be adding more content during the next six weeks, at which point we will announce the website’s launch to the general public. Are there certain pieces of writing by Yitz that were greatly influential to you and that are not yet posted on the website? Do you have access to videos of any of his lectures that you can share with us, or any monographs, so we can post more of them online? All suggestions are welcome.
To provide feedback, please e-mail us at: All e-mails sent from the Contact Us page on the website will be directed to this address.
About the website
As you will see when you review it, the core of the website is an online archive of audio lectures that Yitz has delivered over the course of his fifty-plus-year career, complemented by selected video and text lectures. Other sections of the website provide background information and introduce his writing – books, scholarly articles, monographs, and short articles.
In creating the website, our goal has been to provide a valuable resource for both those familiar with Yitz’s work and a new generation that may not know him well. The website, therefore, has a dual function as an online repository for Yitz’s work and a user-friendly introduction. Much of the material that has been digitized for this website would otherwise be inaccessible to a broad audience, including the large selection of audio lectures from the 1970s on, which were converted from tape cassettes, and many of the out-of-print monographs.
About Yitz Greenberg
As many of you know, Yitz’s distinguished career includes major, original, and at times controversial contributions, particularly in the areas of Holocaust studies and Christian-Jewish relations. In addition to his long commitment to university teaching, he has headed several organizations and served as a congregational rabbi.
I initiated this project because I am among many who consider Yitz a mentor and a personal inspiration. He has been a leading voice and influence on Jewish life in America and I feel that this website provides a wealth of learning opportunities for those who take the time to explore it.


Again, your feedback, comments, and suggestions are most welcome. Please send e-mails to
Aryeh Rubin


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