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Highlighting the work of our grantees.

10Aug 19

Talking With: Documentary Filmmaker Miryam Rabinowitz

Targum Shlishi's support has made it possible for anyone to download a free digital version of the English translation of the book The Believer and the Modern Study of the Bible, edited by Tova Ganzel, Yehudah Brandes, and Chayuta Deutsch (Academic Studies Press, March 2019).
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17Mar 19

Book Excerpt From Zev Eleff’s Book Who Rules the Synagogue? Religious Authority and the Formation of American Judaism

Targum Shlishi provided support to Zev Eleff’s book Who Rules the Synagogue? Religious Authority and the Formation of American Judaism(Oxford University Press). An acclaimed scholarly work and a National Jewish Book Award finalist, Eleff’s monograph takes a fresh look at the formative period in American Judaism and explores how power and authority within the synagogue shaped the contours of American…

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03Feb 19

Targum Shlishi Helped Support Research for Eli’s Story: A Twentieth Century Jewish Life, by Meri-Jane Rochelson

Eli G. Rochelson (1907–1984), a Holocaust survivor, asked his family members to write his story; decades later, they have done just that. Meri-Jane Rochelson, Professor Emerita of English at Florida International University, crafted this biography from sources including a long interview her father did in the 1970s with her brother, Burt Rochelson; their father’s papers; and extensive archival research and…

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19Jan 19

Daily Kindness Calendar

The 2019 “A Kindness a Day” calendar, which recently arrived in Targum Shlishi’s office and is created by one of the foundation’s grantees, features uplifting messages that encourage us to extend kindness through concrete suggestions for action and a related piece of Jewish text. The calendars are daily reminders of the profound effect that acts of kindness can have. Produced…

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09Dec 18

Talking with Yonah Schiller:
The Game-Changing Hillel Director

Yonah Schiller is the rabbi who came to Tulane Hillel ten years ago, saw what was and what wasn’t happening there, and set out to change the situation, one unaffiliated Jewish student at a time. His results have been dramatic. Today Hillel reaches more than ninety percent of the Jewish students at Tulane and an impressive forty-five percent of the student body…

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22Jul 18

Rabbi Shagar: What People Are Saying About His Work, Newly Introduced to English Readers

A translator calls him “a peddler of paradoxes” and “an alchemist who casually synthesized sacred and profane.” The work of Rabbi Shimon Gershon

Rosenberg (Shagar) (1949–2007), widely known in Israel, is new to an English-reading audience. The English translation of his book of essays, Rabbi Shagar: Faith Shattered and Restored, Judaism in a Postmodern Age (Maggid Modern Classics, 2017), was supported by Targum Shlishi...

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24Jun 18

Teaching Jewish Texts

Targum Shlishi helped support the book Turn it and Turn it Again: Studies in the Teaching and Learning of Classical Jewish Texts, edited by Jon A. Levisohn and Susan P. Fendrick (Academic Studies Press). The book was the first publication from the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis. The book is a multi-author collection of essays that explores…

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17Jun 18

A Hackathon for Orthodox Women in Israel

The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) held its first-ever hackathon for women in early June, with unexpected results. Far more women than expected turned out, several with babies in tow. The women’s commitment and interest were impressive, and the resulting projects far exceeded expectations. A hackathon brings together computer programmers and others in a compressed time period to work intensively…

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