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Online Archive: Rabbi Dr. Irving (Yitz) Greenberg

“This is the heroic age of the Jewish people, an age of resurrection and rebirth. It is simultaneously an age of awakening and new hope for humanity.”

– Rabbi Yitz Greenberg


Targum Shlishi conceived, developed, and produced this dedicated to showcasing and preserving the work of Rabbi Greenberg, a leading modern Orthodox rabbi. It is Targum Shlishi’s hope that the site both serves as a digital repository for the work of this major scholar and leader and that it introduces new audiences to a remarkable—and continually growing—body of work. This website is updated regularly to incorporate additional materials as they become digitized.

Rabbi Greenberg’s rich and varied career has spanned more than five decades. He is a courageous and original thinker who has contributed immeasurably to the Jewish people directly through his unflagging work and whose example has had a ripple effect through his mentoring of countless leaders, activists, rabbis, and scholars. He has served as a renowned scholar and teacher, a major leader of innovative institutions in the American Jewish community, a congregational rabbi, and he is also a prolific writer, producing countless articles and monographs as well as books.

The impetus for the website and the core of it is an online archive of audio lectures drawn from the hundreds of talks Rabbi Greenberg has delivered. The audio lectures are complemented by selections of video and text lectures.

The website also includes selections of Rabbi Greenberg’s written work as well as context for contributions, including biographical information and descriptions of the institutions he helped to found and/or lead. Those who explore the website will learn about the core issues that Rabbi Greenberg has addressed thematically in his work: the Holocaust, post-Holocaust theology, and Israel; the challenges posed to Judaism by the modern world; and the significance of Jewish-Christian dialogue.

A great deal of the information provided on the website was digitized specifically for this project and would otherwise not be available to a large audience, including several lectures from the 1970s and out-of-print monographs. Thus, the website is a valuable resource both for those familiar with Rabbi Greenberg’s work and those who are not conversant with his teachings. Establishing this platform to share this work with a wider audience was Targum Shlishi’s overarching goal with this project.

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