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Resources on Iran, Israel, Terrorism and More

The following is a selection of articles, opinion pieces, websites, and other resources examining the threat to Israel and the world posed by a nuclear Iran.

Articles and Opinion Pieces

3.5.07 –The Redirection: Is the Administration’s New Policy Benefiting our Enemies in the War on Terror? The New Yorker and 2.27.07 Terry Gross interviews Seymour Hersh, Fresh Air

Summary: Description of the intensifying effort in the U.S. to apply economic pressure on Iran. (PDF).

2.26.07 – Europe’s Iran Problem: Problem? What problem? The Weekly Standard

Summary: Europe has good reason to stop Iran’s nuclear development program, according to this article by Daniel Johnson, a London-based journalist and columnist for the New York Sun

2.24.07 – Could battle of wills escalate to war? National Post of Canada, CanWest News Service

Summary: Persistent reports have detailed U.S. preparations for a strike against Iran to destroy its nuclear-development program.  This article by Sheldon Alberts takes a fresh look at the possibility that President Bush will order an attack.

2.19.07 – Iran’s Obsession with the Jews: Denying the Holocaust, Desiring Another One, The Weekly Standard

Summary: Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s anti-Semitism is thoroughly analyzed in the context of Iran’s recent Holocaust denial conference in this article by Matthias Küntzel, author of the forthcoming book, Jihad and Jew-Hatred: On the New Anti-Jewish War.  The article was translated from German by Michael Bugajer and John Rosenthal.

2.12.07 – Mobilize Now, Save the World, The Jerusalem Post

Summary: Former Soviet dissident and Israeli politician Natan Sharansky believes public mobilization and international diplomatic efforts can be effective against Iran.

2.07.07 – Israel Sounds Alarm on Iran’s Nuclear Efforts: The Jewish State Warns of a Second Holocaust if Nations Fail to Prevent Tehran from Acquiring the Bomb, The Los Angeles Times

Summary: Journalist Richard Boudreaux offers a thorough overview of current thinking in Washington and Jerusalem on the threat from Iran and the prospects for military action to halt Iran’s nuclear-development program.

.05.07 – Israel’s Worst Nightmare; Contra Iran, The New Republic

Summary: A large majority of Israelis believe Iran will initiate a nuclear strike but the Israeli military establishment says Iran’s nuclear program can be stopped, according to this article by Yossi Klein Halevi and Michael B. Oren, which argues that Israel will keep its nuclear powder dry.

2.02.07 – Groups Fear Public Backlash Over Iran, The Forward

Summary: Jews in America are intimidated from speaking out against Iran for fear of being blamed for sparking a US attack on the Persian nation, according to this editorial.

1.30.07 – Politics: Israeli Fears About Iran not Focused on Destruction, Inter Press Service

Summary: Gareth Porter, an historian and national security policy analyst, reports that the Israeli military establishment believes it can successfully deter a nuclear-armed Iran.

1.28.07 – Against a Preemptive Holocaust, The Jerusalem Post

Summary: Ten days after it published “This Holocaust Will Be Different” by Benny Morris, The Jerusalem Post ran this response, which maintains that the risk of an Iranian nuclear strike against Israel is much smaller than the risk involved in a first strike against Iran.

1.18.07 – This Holocaust Will Be Different, The Jerusalem Post

Summary: In this article, which attracted widespread attention in Israel, Benny Morris, professor of Middle Eastern History at Ben-Gurion University, argues that a nuclear-armed Iran cannot be deterred and predicts that Israel and the international community will fail to prevent a second Holocaust.

1.05.07 – Decision Time, The Jerusalem Post

Summary: Israel’s military capacity for striking Iran and the strategy that might be used in an attack are laid out, weapon system by weapon system, in this analysis of the security situation by Yaakov Katz.

1.05.07 Israel Will do Whatever it Takes to Stop Another Holocaust, The Spectator

Summary: Israel can limit the damage of a nuclear strike against Iran’s bomb-building program by employing a neutron bomb, which does not produce the deadly fallout of a conventional nuclear device, according to this article by Douglas Davis.

11.06 – Getting Serious About Iran: A Military Option, Commentary

Summary: Arthur Herman explores the ramifications of Iran’s increasingly powerful position and of military action against Iran.

10.28.02 – The Rescuer, The New Republic

Summary: Michael Oren reviews A Race Against Death: Peter Bergson, America, and the Holocaust.

Middle East News Sites

10.28.02 – The Rescuer, The New Republic

Summary: Michael Oren reviews A Race Against Death: Peter Bergson, America, and the Holocaust.

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America

Boston-based nonprofit monitoring news coverage of Arab-Israeli relations

The Forward

A Jewish-American weekly news magazine


An Israeli daily newspaper (Defense page):

Independent Media Review Analysis

An Israeli digest of news about Arab-Israeli relations


A multimedia broadcast and distribution network focusing on Israeli foreign affairs and defense issues, including numerous pieces on Iran

Israel National News

An Israeli online media organization identified with the extreme right (includes numerous news stories about Iran and this Bomb Iran Now! blog)

Think Tanks and Policy Institutes

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)

Translates Middle East media and provides original analysis of trends; maintains an extensive collection of articles on its Iran page

A public policy organization providing defense-related information.  Pages include Target: Iran; see also these sections: Iran Countdown and Iran: Natanz (National Council of Resistance of Iran)

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

A Washington, DC-based nonprofit that conducts terrorism-related research (Iran page)

Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

An Israeli-based nonprofit providing analysis of Middle East Intelligence and terrorism issues (Iran page)

International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism

An Israeli-based non-profit think tank emphasizing a global perspective on terrorism

Terrorism Research Center

A US-based independent institute analyzing terrorism-related issues with a focus on technology

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

An Israeli-based nonprofit policy-research institute (includes numerous articles on Iran)

Herzliya Conference

Held annually under the auspices of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel, a private educational institution

Center for American Progress

A Washington, DC-based political-policy research and advocacy organization (Middle East page includes numerous articles on Iran)

The David Project, Center for Jewish Leadership

A Boston-based nonprofit describing itself as promoting understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict (covers all aspects of the conflict, including Iran)

Lobby Groups

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Lobbies the U.S. government in support of close US-Israeli ties (Iran issue page)

Honest Reporting

Monitors the Middle East media, exposes cases of anti-Israel bias, promotes balance, and effects change through education and action


Bitter Lemons

A family of Internet publications, self-described as a “Palestinian-Israeli effort to promote a civilized exchange of views about the Israel-Arab conflict and additional Middle East issues”

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