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Jofa’s Groundbreaking The Joy Of Text Podcast

For anyone not familiar with JOFA’s (Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance) Joy of Text podcast featuring in-depth, frank discussions about Judaism, sexuality, and their intersection, JOFA suggests the episode presented here as an excellent introduction to the monthly series. “The Sex-Ed/Trans…

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Why an Orthodox Rabbi Ordains Women

“By granting smicha to women, I wish to model a new contemporary theology in which our refined sentiments are redeemed and our torn souls healed,” writes Rabbi Herzl Hefter in the following excerpt from his article “Why I Ordained Women.”…

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Fly for Israel

Watch a seven-minute sample reel for the award-winning documentary film Above and Beyond: The Birth of the Israeli Air Force, which focuses on the foreign pilots who fought in Israel’s War of Independence. Targum Shlishi awarded a grant to support…

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